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Becoming a cop with mild autism?

Okay so I recently thought about joining the navy. I went to the recruiting office and they told me my autism was an automatic Disqualifier for the navy. It was also an automatic disaqualifier for all other branches (even the coast guard). So I was thinking about becoming a police officer (as i wanted to become a navy SEAL but couldn't join the military at all). Anyways this is B.S.

So could the police department hire people with mild autism? I do function highly.

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    2 months ago

    Well I do know you have to pass a psycological exam.

    So that might be one thing.

    Is it possible?  Yes, because like what was posted on here, there are cops with autism (highly functioning).

    You do have to pass a psycological exam.  Your ability to pass or fail it will be one thing that determines if your autism will allow you to join.

    Anyways, hope it works out for you dude.

  • i + i
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    1 year ago

    If you are going to have to interact with the

    public, your chances are pretty slim, since

    even high functioning still have trouble with

    one on one exchanges. I am not saying you

    cannot... just that you will have some big

    hurdles to overcome. As someone already

    stated, there is usually psych evals done to

    screen candidates. Good luck.

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    1 year ago

    Well man, sorry about the military.

    To answer your question, well that would depend on a couple of things. One is the department you are applying to (some departments have different regulations and requirements than others). It also depends on like how your autism affects you.

    There are cops with mild autism.

    By the way, you can go to the police academy BEFORE you apply for the police department. that is propably the best way to get hired. If you go to the academy and get POST certified BEFORE you apply, they may still very well hire you even though you have mild autism because they know you are POST certified and are qualified to do the job (as you demonstrated your ability to pass the police academy).

    One thing however, going to the police academy on your own is NOT tuition free. You will have to pay for it ON YOUR OWN.

    Hope it works out

    Source(s): spoke to a cop, looked on LAPD website, also just know that you can go to the police academy BEFORE you apply
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    1 year ago

    yes but if i were you i wouldnt disclose this

    ive noticed that in the past when i have disclosed that i have mild autism it doesnt change how people act toward me whenever i am having problems on the job

    my advice in whatever you decide to do is this; keep your game tight, make as few mistakes as possible and if you do make mistakes make sure nobody finds out

    heck even play a few office politics, but not to the point to where you become the toxic employee that no one loves

    Source(s): nothing
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  • 1 year ago

    Candidates for law enforcement positions in the USA are evaluated by a psychiatrist. The evaluation will determine your eligibility.

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