Why would my niece tell me to STFU pack my bags and GTFO of America......over Trump?

After I put my niece on a gravatron carnival ride, two awful and severe roller coasters, Kingda Ka and Medusa...

Put her on a speed boat ride..

And a $1000 Royal Caribbean cruise ride...

And told her to imagine being launched by the Kingda Ka...

And then doing the loops and barrel rolls of Medusa..

After being launched from a Ship about like this...

But with two angled flight decks...

And told her that such is what I would have done...


She told me that I'm a s)cumbag..

And that if I would do something that because of Trump...

Why don't I just STFU and pack my bags and just GTFO of America.


2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    She figured out that I was introducing her to small samples of the environments, forces and laws of physics involved in modern warfare as mildly as possible without ambiguity yet with the best examples out there.


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  • 11 months ago

    I don't know how old your niece is (or if you're a troll...I don't know) but it sounds like she needs to have some respect. Especially for you. I wouldn't let that slide by at ALL. Since you're her aunt/uncle, you need to teach her a lesson to let her know that what she said is not acceptable. It's different when it's a stranger telling another stranger which is still bad--but having your niece tell you that is just straight up disrespectful. How did she even get to that point baffles me.

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