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nicoleee! asked in PetsDogs · 9 months ago

Toy poodle with limited registration?

Hey guys, I’m buying a toy poodle from a breeder and she sells them with automatic limited registration or full to approved breeders. I only want him as a pet and have no desire to use him for showings. My question is does that make the breeder any more or less reputable? What does limited registration do? She’s been very interactive with me, is allowing me to come to her home and meet the parents of the puppy and everything. I feel she’s very trustworthy but this is my first time buying a dog so just want any tips please!!

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  • 9 months ago

    "IF" the breeder has been interactive WITH YOU - WHY hasn't she explain the limited reg TO YOU? Most breeders are very straightforward about this non-breeding registration - for pet puppies. I will add, aside from not allowing you to breed (or at least register any puppies from your dog) you CAN get any working titles (aside from show Champion) on the dog. That means you can work towards (and if you work hard -earn) any obedience, tracking, agility, rally, nose work, barn hunt, farm dog, etc. TITLE you may want.

    I would HOPE this 'breeder" has also SHOWN YOU PROOF of genetic screening tests for the most common HEALTH problems in Poodles that can be TESTED for in advance - of breeding, on the parental stock. it would be VERY nice, if the parents (not just a grandparent) also had some TITLES to prove they were trainable and of GOOD TEMPERAMENT (which is inheritable).

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  • J C
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    A good breeder will sell their pups with limited registration - meaning you are promising that you aren't going to breed the dog. You likely won't get any registration papers until you provide proof of spay/neuter. The registration papers are marked that way - so you could never register any litters of pups that your dog would have. This is an indication that you are dealing with someone who is at least half-way responsible. A really good breeder has many other factors - health guarantees, vet checks (with paperwork to prove it), clean facilities, not a ton of breeding dogs, not breeding designer mutts from their dogs (malti-poo, yorkie-poo and so on). Ideally the breeding dogs have all been shown in conformation and earned their championships. But this is at the very least a "good" breeder.

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  • 9 months ago

    In the UK (and elsewhere) most good breeders will fully endorse the immature puppies they sell. I made a HUGE mistake when I sold two puppies to a fellow-breeder and didn't endorse them ..... I falsely as it turned out, trusted her. As it was she later sold both to another breeder in another country. Would I'd at least endorsed them Not for Export!! Lesson learned. If they are all sold Not for Breeding, that protects the breed (should they fall into the wrong hands) and the breeder's bloodlines. It should mean that once the puppy is mature, IF the owner feels they'd like to breed, they can be brought back to the breeder for her to decide whether or not to lift the endorsement.

    I imagine the system within the AKC, is similar re limited registration, although our endorsements, of which there are now only two, the Not for Breeding and Not for Export, don't prevent people from showing their puppies. And of course, neither endorsement prevents the animal from being bred or exported - it just means an Export Pedigree, needed to Register the animal with the relevant new Kennel Club, won't be available.

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  • 9 months ago

    Most reputable breeders are VERY protective of their lines. So unless they really know and trust someone and are sure they are breeding for the right reasons they do not allow breeding rights, AKA, Full Registration.

    But answer this:

    - Do the dogs they are breeding have titles? Champion,Grand, etc?

    - How many breeding animals do they have?

    - How young do they start breeding and when do they stop?

    - How many litters per year do they have per animal?

    - Do they offer a health guarantee?

    - Are they keeping the puppy to at LEAST 8 weeks?

    - Are they only breeding pedigreed Poodles are also some of the -oodle mutts like Maltipoo, Yorkipoo, etc?

    - How did you find this breeder?

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  • 9 months ago

    Most reputable breeders sell pet quality pups on limited registration.

    Limited means the dog cannot be shown in conformation, and any offspring would be ineligible for AKC registration.

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