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I'm a far leftist feminine soy boy straight male. do I have zero chances with women?

I'm vegetarian, I don't eat meat but repi ace with soy products like tofu

I'm skinny so I wear tight clothes and skinny jeans, I am not interested in working out to look more manly

I prefer cats over dogs.

I am emotionally sensitive, I don't get periods but I get emotional breakdowns and cry when people offend me.

I don't like getting my hands dirty, I hate physical work, I hate shooting guns. I hate competition,

I think women should be equal to men, I like it when women are aggressors sometimes


I look in the mirror more times than many women. I wear skin care products, I spend a lot of money on hair care products

I like to talk a lot with people about my life and make flowery jokes like a lot of feminine gay guys. I am a best friend to many women lol..

Update 2:

yes I believe true equality for all, coloreds, gays, trannies, sjws, natives, blacks, disabled,

Update 3:

I am also pale as hell and shave my legs when I get the chance too

I hate outdoors, I am scared of the sun

Update 4:

stop changing the category for my question!!!!

Update 5:

@dream sister


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    Please be strong you good person

  • 3 months ago

    I once burped in an angry feminists face. Or did she get angry BECAUSE I burped in her face...? Hmm... I wasn't paying enough attention to her angry rants for me to know either way... I was more focused on the lack of sandwiches being made.

  • 3 months ago

    you only have zero chances because you lie to them like you are now

  • Honestly lots of women actually like weak men to boss around. If you’re into that kind of thing you won’t have a problem finding some nasty liberal woman to abuse you.

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  • 3 months ago

    The real reason you have zero chance with women is that you are a troll. Women don't like trolls.

  • donnie
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    3 months ago

    Well sure I mean there has been plenty of people I thought would never get a girl but they did. Anything is possible. Lol

  • 3 months ago

    Shrek is love and life

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    show them your NEW designer purse !! That'll do it !!!

    TRUMP 2020 !!

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