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Savage or sensible?

Somebody buys a lot of cards from you (could be MTG, Pokemon, Yugioh, or any other TCG) you send them what they paid for

All of a sudden they make a bogus claim because they want more

Would it be sensible to send him the extra box of cards for free, but shred them up first?

Mind you he doesn't wanna pay anything for them, but feels entitled to them and wants me to rush to send them to him.

Due to this Asshat my whole week is ruined and theres a bunch of money I cant even have on hold until this case is resolved

I am not going to bend and send him the cards, without properly shredding them 1st

If he wants free cards in a hurry, he can have them shredded to pieces

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    Silly to send him anything at this point. Call PayPal, explain the situation, and wait for the resolution in your favor.

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    • choko_canyon
      Lv 7
      8 months agoReport

      2 weeks is nothing, and he'll get the message when the money is taken and he gets nothing more than what he paid for.

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