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Need help with tattoo ideas?

I’m only 17 and I got gift card from graduation from my mother to get a tattoo and she refuses everything I wanted. I don’t know what to get cause she said I can’t get a big tattoo which is understandable for my first tattoo and she said nothing on my hand or arm which is like the only place I would want to put a small tattoo. She wants me to put this tattoo I want on areas of my body that I want to put another tattoo when I’m older because it’s big and I’m just going to regret my tattoo if I listen to her and put it on the spot I don’t want it to be??? So I don’t know what to do like can someone help convince my mom about the arm/hand tattoo or give me another idea of where to put tattoo which hint I won’t put one below my knee cause ugh to close to my feet and I hate feet and I planned a certain tattoo on my back which is big and when I’m doing when older along with one on my thigh. Please don’t give hate and say I’m to young cause I’m 17 like this tattoo means something to me and it’s something that meant something to me my whole life so it won’t change. I really thought about this but my mother is refusing me too. And I’m trying to do this before I go stayed always for college cause I want to do it at my family’s tattoo artist

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Get a uv tattoo....if that suits u

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  • Laura
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    11 months ago

    Just wait until you are 18 and get the tattoos you want. You are literally a year away, probably less. You can find a tattoo artist who will tattoo you the day you turn 18, and you can get whatever you want.

    Its pointless to try and convince your mom, she has already made up her mind about it.

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