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Is there any kind of box-style cover for a Galaxy S4?

Yes I still have a Galaxy S4 and am perfectly fine with it because it's still way way more than what i need a smart phone for and serves me perfect. Last year i bought a Defender brand case for it (see pic) as it was the most highly recommended brand... and it is fantastic.

Only thing though is what most of us can relate to... the rage-inducing problem of if you're hand just so much as accidentally brushes the screen, the phone thinks you pressed one of the actual apps on the home screen and launches it (we all know the frustration)

I want to keep the Defender case as it has a fantastic grip and just suits the phone perfect. What i need is something to cover the front, so does anyone know if you can get some kind of like sleeve or box/container-style thing that you slide the S4 (with Defender on) in to when not using it, and then when you want to use it you simply pull it out (hope that was a good enough description)? Ofcourse i googled it but couldn't find what i have in mind.

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