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what do you think about my writing?

How many times have mass shootings happened in the US? too many. The problem of teenagers and young people have the access to firearms too easy is a big issue in the states. Buying firearms for the Americans is like buying a used car. It is harder to buy a prescription drug than purchasing a firearm in the states.

The gun owners defend themselves that owning a firearm is the right of american citizens. It is stated in the Bill of the forefathers that every american has the right to own a firearm to defend themselves. The bill was written during the 18th century when the dangers were many. One of the danger was probably there was no cops to defend from native indians and bank robbers. It is been a long time and the law has changed but this bill is still effective.

I have a solution for gun owners and hunters. I'm not banning any firearms and weapons but rather giving a restriction. All gun owners must be a member of a shooting range with a valid background check. They have to keep the firearms at the shooting range in a secure storage. When they need to use the firearms, they can only use it at the range. For hunting, they can also "borrow" the gun and use for a day and then return to the storage at the end of the day. Gun owners might not like this but it is the best solution for American citizens. We want to have a safety and peace while walking in public. Thinking of getting shot by a teenager is a nightmare for us.


PS: this is the first chapter of my essay for a high school senior

Update 2:

@StephenWeisten: to buy a USED car, you dont have to buy insurance at the same time during the purchase. You just handed out the money.... I just bought mine last month.... same thing happen during a gun show, you buy a used handgun by giving the money.... no ID requires....

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    You must go thru a background check to purchase a firearm. We also already have restrictions on firearms. The problem isn't more restrictions it's that criminals are not going to obey the law. Why restrict people who use guns to feel safe and protect their family? Or women who would not win a fight with a man. Your proposal only hurts those who are already obeying the law.

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  • 11 months ago

    Your writing is terrible, and so is your premise, and "solution." CARS kill more people than guns. We need to control CAR violence. {Maybe lock them up in a city garage when not being used?} There are as many KNIFE deaths in London as there are gun deaths in New York City. CRIMINALS would never follow your ideas. CRIMINALS do not do background checks.

    Source(s): military veteran, college graduate, and NRA member. BAN CARS !!
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    It is not like buying a car. To buy a car in most states, you need to get insurance.

    The bill of rights does not say "to own a firearm" or "every American". It says the "right of the people" (meaning the people as a whole have the right to have a sufficient number of armed citizens, but no one has the right to be one of those armed citizens) and it says it is to defend the state -- not to defend the individuals. And it says that the guns must be regulated.

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