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I have a hard lump on my forehead, im concerned. What is it?

I woke up today and noticed this lump on my forehead, which I have no idea about. It was itchy fir a little while, not sure why but its not anymore. Its a bit painful to just press on it. The bump/lump is not overly big its on the side of my forehead close the my hair. I wouldve remembered hitting it so i dont think its due to that, I honestly have no idea. I cant really tell if its under the skin or on top, and its slightly red (though you can barely tell its there, you can really feel it). Im only 14 so im not sure what it could be, im a bit concerned please tell me what it is and what to do about it. Thanks....

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    It's either a bug bite or a deep pimple. Those are annoying because they may never erupt, just sit there being sore and tender until they eventually fade away as mysteriously as they arrived. I was about your age the first time I got one of those.

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  • 6 months ago

    Probably a bug bite.

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