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Why does am I treated so badly by everyone?

I don't have any true friends. Most of them talk **** about me or just hang out around me when they ave nobody else to talk to. I have been used so much throughout my life for my kindness. Every relationship I've been in hadn't lasted. My last ex got me pregnant and left me for another girl. My parents have barely supported me and I have been abused mentally by my dad. My sister doesn't support me and tries to put me down in any way. I do not have anybody in my life who I can trust, and I am tired of trying to be nice to people and trusting people when all I get is nothing but pain in return. Did I do something to deserve this, because I think of myself to be a nice person. I really try my hardest to just be a nice person to everyone. I am only 15, I can't really do anything to avoid the toxicity around me.

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    I'm sorry you seem to be struggling, but the truth is, we are all in charge of our own lives, feelings and our personal contentment. No one else is in charge of that.

    And people walk into our lives all the time -- most walk back out. You're going to discover the ones with meaning will stick around.

    Relationships with guys -- you're young, and young guys are flaky. They will be flaky until they are into their 20's (most of them). It's the way of nature, so my advice about guys is -- enjoy relationships you have and realize they will last til they don't. Imagining your fairy tale wedding when you're 15 with a guy you might be dating is a fool's journey. It doesn't mean these are bad guys, it just means they are GUYS. Simple as that.

    Mental abuse by your dad -- some parents are incredibly insecure and stressed out and this causes a problem relating to others. If your dad is mentally abusive toward you, he's not that great toward anyone else, either. Observe. My father was the same.... he had issues. His issues were about HIM, never about me. It's very true.

    Being used for your kindness -- i don't really understand this, unless you're a push over. We have to set limits and boundaries in our lives. Do not let anyone use you. Friends will come and go, believe me. Just go with the flow.

    EXPECTING things in return from people -- expectations are a set up for a huge let down. I expect nothing from anyone. I live my life, enjoy myself, i do social things, i practice kindness, i have a few friends i give presents to.... and after it's all said and done, i don't EXPECT anyone to do anything in return. If i want something, i do it for mysefl... whether it's material things, comfort or something else.

    Being "nice" to people -- this is how we ought to behave. Believe me, i have known a few people in my life who are shitty regardless of how "nice" i am. It doesn't matter in the scheme of things. This goes back to expecting things from people... we can't. But it's a wonderful thing to be consistently decent to others. So do it. I do too. And i don't feel all put down if someone isn't nice to me... i just figure they are an idiot, and i go about my own life. It's THEIR problem, not yours. Believe me.

    You seem to be focused on the negative and not the positive because i am absolutely certain there are positive things in your life. Practicing gratitude really helps us to see that. Practicing self love helps too and you can find information about these things on the internet.

    take care of YOU, because in the scheme of life, no one else will.

    You're going to make good friends over time, and probably find a guy you connect with someday. Meanwhile the rule is still the same "take care of YOU"

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    maybe you need to ask them this question

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    Here's the thing. It's great to be kind, and you should be proud of yourself for it. It sounds like maybe you might be kind to the extent that you're letting people walk all over you. It's okay to stand up for yourself when people are treating you badly. If people see that you're capable of standing your ground, then they'll be less likely to take advantage of you,

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