How do I find the Power Supply room to turn off the remote door system in the Entrance Zone in SCP: Containment Breach?

I ve been stuck for over an hour trying to find the Power room where I can turn of the Remote door system. Although I have looked everywhere, I still cannot find the Room? I need help to finish the game.

2 Answers

  • 6 months ago

    Storage Room From there you go to the Supply Room.

    This used to be the first room that the player comes across after the breach. It consists of a walkway with a door halfway through the room, behind which a janitor and a scientist can be heard trying to escape. Shortly after entering the room, the lights start flickering rapidly before SCP-173 kills them both.

    On the opposite side of the hallway is one room which contains a gas mask, a document on SCP-173, a level 1 keycard, and a few batteries. But caution should be advised, as if the player stays in that room for too long, SCP-173 will open the door to the room. If SCP-173 is disabled or captured by the NTF somehow, no NPCs will spawn, and no bodies.

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    6 months ago


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