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How long should I wait to take a pregnant test?

Okay so I have been having a few symptoms That is often associated with pregnancy .To name a few I’ve been having nausea , headaches , fatigue , and a late period ! My period is only late by 4 days , but being that my periods are like clockwork and normally comes every 28 days has me wondering that I could be pregnant . I know sometimes a delay in a period could be normal , but this has never happened to me until now. Being that I’m 4 days late around how many days after my missed period should I test to get an accurate result ? Or is it okay to test now ?

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    They do make the clearblue brand pregnancy tests you can take 5 days after a missed period although they do say the longer you wait to take the test the more accurate. I would wait a week to see if your period comes and if it doesnt, take a test to be sure

  • Edna
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    Nausea, fatigue, and headaches are NOT early symptoms associated with pregnancy. The only "pregnancy symptom" you've had so far is a late menstrual period.

    But a period that is only 4 days "late" is NOT a missed period. No woman ever has periods that are always 28 days apart, like clockwork. The date can vary up to 3 to 4 days (early or late) every month, depending upon how many days there were in the previous month.

    You can take a pregnancy test the day after you miss a ;period. But, to be most accurate, you should wait until your period is at least 1-1/2 weeks overdue.

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    You can test the first day you miss a period.

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    You can test now.

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    Assuming your periods are regular, 1 week after your period should have arrived.

    if they aren't regular, say 4 weeks after you last had sex.

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