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MIKE asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 8 months ago

How many Jewish people have murdered infidels in the name of their God v.s. Muslim people?

4 Answers

  • 8 months ago

    If you believe the accounts in Exodus, Jews started religious warfare by persecuting the worshipers of the Golden Calf, and persisted with this by warring against the worshipers of the goddess Asherah and fellow pagan Jews (those who weren't monotheists). It's not certain that this actually happened, as the OT has a garbled sense of history, but Jews certainly believed in killing idolaters until a certain point. The Torah has been under discussion and interpretation for some 2500 years, which is why Jews no longer stone to death adulterers or disobedient sons.

    After the Roman diaspora of 70 c.e., Jews lacked the military might to murder infidels on a large scale. Riots have happened here and there, but Muslims have been much more aggressive in this regard, and have had the armies to do it.

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  • 8 months ago

    I am unsure but i do know that many Russians lost their lives due to communism which sprang from Karl Marx which was a satanist. Communism has been perfected by the Chinese and other think tanks by their own interpretations and protocols needed to create order. But what most American dont know is that communism which was funded by jewish people led to the infiltration of the Russian government and ideals based on mass genocide later followed through some communist leaderd.I am not anti semetic but the truth is most wars we fight in the middle east are not due to the wishes of american people .

    I do feel sorrow when i think about all the terrorists activities that have occured towards the muslims of Palestine etc . I feel that terrorism has no place in a civilized society and that racism , financial terrrorism are things that leaders need to work on reducing through the promotion of counter terrorism awareness and human dignity.

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  • 8 months ago

    The State of Israel and the Zionist terrorists that brought it into existence have killed around 8 million Palestinians.

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  • Rayal
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    8 months ago

    I bet you are just dying to tell us.

    Old testament or recently?

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