Magnetic Circuit?

Please could someone help


Without any lengths Im finding it hard to answer the questions, Also how would this magnetic circuit look like?

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  • Dixon
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    6 months ago
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    From the question and sketch it seems fairly clear the 5mm air gap is in the 30mm x 30mm core, and the 5mm air gap central limb is given as 30mm x 15mm. This gives us enough info for the reluctance of the two air gaps.

    The other lengths of the core are irrelevant for the equivalent circuit because in comparison to the air gaps the reluctance of the core can be ignored - it is effectively a perfect magnetic conductor, just like we ignore the resistance of copper wire in a typical electronic circuit. So the equivalent circuit is just two reluctance "resistors" in parallel across an MMF "battery" :-)

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    • Dixon
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      6 months agoReport

      I haven't checked the numbers but the form looks correct. The two reluctances are the same because the x0.5 linear scaling of the air gap and the width cancel out.

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