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Will it hurt?

I wanted to know if it will hurt if my parents take me to the doctor? The thing is, I had an argument with my little sister which is 12 years old because she broke my PlayStation. I'm 17 years old and I try not to argue, but I worked all summer to buy myself the PlayStation. I told my parents a long time along that they should take her to a psychologist because she has attitude problems and snaps at people in really nasty ways. So I followed her to the kitchen where my parents where present cooking. I shouted angry at her that I didn't want her in my room or using my things. She grabbed the fruit knife and stabbed me on the shoulder, thank God the knife didn't went to deep, I reacted soon enough to hold her wrist and avoid her hurting me more. My parents turned all crazy screaming at her and calling her out. They took me to the hospital and lied to the doctors a out what really happened. I was ok with it, it only went an inch deep. So they had to stitch it up. Today is my third day, but it hurts like hell, I can't even raise my arms, is swollen. This morning I felt a really sharp pain and when I went to change the bandage, pus was coming out of my stitched wound along with blood and it smells weird. I don't know if I should tell my parents, they would take me to the doctor and maybe the doctor will hurt me more, idk. Would it hurt? What doctors do to heal an infected wound? By the way, I'm a guy in case that helps.

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    It sounds like it's infected and I would suggest to go back to the doctor. Also ask to get a tetanus shot if you haven't already received one.

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