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When you have a dispute with your neighbors do they do anything to try to get you move out or try to scare with things?

Do you really get scare of it or tired of it?


you guys are lucky

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  • 10 months ago
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    the only neighbors we have disputes with is my aunties that live next door. my grandpa owns a huge house it's a 2 story duplex but he can't afford it on his own so we live in it ( typical filipino style tbh buy big house and have your entire family live in it ) well they cannot afford to pay rent on time constantly so they ask my grandparents for money . the thing is they are old enough to handle their own financial issues as well as make better decisions such as not buying shet they can't afford like a dog or a brand new car. my grandparents have been retired for a long time and they had a lot of money saved up but because they always have to pay their rent they can't enjoy their own retirement or money so it's a constant issue. they feel they need to help them out as well because thats their kids.

    this is why when my mom was alive earlier this year she tried to push my grandpa to split the house and we will buy out our side so when they pass away we wouldn't have to worry about them not being able to pay. what is even sadder imo is that my family puts in a lot of labor to help my grandparents out be it hauling trash they constantly hoard or just basic stuff like taking them on vacation or out for holidays and my aunties can't even do that. my dad also restores the house as well he works as a contractor and owns his own business but when it comes time to repaint the house or do maintenance he will do the entire house out of his own pocket. of course my grandpa helps with the labor and i am forced to help but my aunties don't even chip in a dime for the paint at least.

    the other thing that pisses me off personally is they have a lot of cars they have a small garage but can fit all their cars but since they are so lazy to just move their cars when someone is going out they park on our side. they have 2 extra stalls they can use but because they are so lazy to tow the own car they never use for X amount of years ( not nostalgia btw my aunty bought this car for my cousin to use when she got her license it's been idk like 4-5 years she still hasn't gotten it and she is 24 turning 25 ) behind that car is another stall.

    they don't scare us though my family works hard af for what we have. we do more for our grandparents that never favored us and when we were young my grandpa used to treat us like garbage compared to my cousins yet we still are good to them. take them on vacation, take them out for fathers day or christmas and all that, etc.. my aunties don't even do this. they didn't even like my mom and yet my mom treated them better while my dad always defended his sisters. what pisses my sister off though is that despite she doesn't live with us since she lives in california my cousin next door acts like she will get her a job where she works because my sister makes a lot of money.

    my grandparents are old they may die within the next 5 years tbh but i can assure you that when it comes time for the funeral and the wills trust me when i say they are going to expect my family to pay for the entire funeral services as well fk my dad over if they leave him something in the will they are squirrely like that.

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  • 10 months ago

    I don't have problems like that with my neighbors because even if I do have a disagreement with them I still show them respect. People that live next to each other should handle things like that

    more civil forr the sake of having to live next to each other. It's wrong to try and do something to get someone to move because it's not easy to find places to live these days and it's much easier to get along or to just ignore each other. It should never get to the point where someone has to move.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I have never had a dispute with neighbours. It takes two to tangle.

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  • Aaron
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    We get on well with our neighbours. No disputes. It's a nice area.

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