Went into ER with chest/arm discomfort and left the place with a UTI?

For the past week (ever since I went running) my chest has been acting funky and it’ll bleed down my arm a bit with numbness or tenderness. So went to the doctor as they took tests. EKG showed there was arrhythmia a bit, but everything else looked “beautiful” he said. Blood work came back great, enzymes were normal. Xrays were good, too. Another doctor I had gone to prior said my xrays showed I had asthma (which i’ve had since I was 2 but never have had flare ups) so I was quite confused as to how this current doctor at the ER said he didn’t see a sign of asthma. Then my pee test showed I had a bit of an infection in which he prescribed me keflex 500 mg 4 times a day. I had no idea I even had an infection lol.

I’ve been freaking out quite of a bit, I do have health anxiety and I absolutely hate it. I am seeking help for that too by the way haha. I stress very easily and always think of the worst, so im trying my best to not do that.

But i’m concerned about taking a UTI medicine while having those discomfort in my chest/arm still and arrhythmia. I don’t want the antibiotics to make it worse or affect it in any way before I see a cardiologist on tuesday to do further testing of my heart. Anyone have any knowledge in this area?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    There are many types of arrhythmia and some are completely harmless such as PVCs which half of the population have and they don't need treatment. Your chest and arm(s) are going to hurt if you've just taken up running but if you were having a heart attack it would feel like an elephant sitting on your chest perhaps with severe pain in the left arm and pain radiating up into the jaw. You'd most likely feel cold and clammy and nauseous or you'd vomit. Asthma is a variable condition so if it's well controlled right now your x-rays will be clear.

    The urine infection you have has been caught early before you developed symptoms so be grateful for that and take the antibiotics. In conclusion you're in fine health with a simple mild UTI that will clear up if you take the antibiotics. If you had a dangerous arrythmia or any suspicion of a heart complain you would have been admitted immediately to a cardiology ward for further tests instead of waiting for an outpatient appointment. Antibiotics won't affect your heart but the infection may spread to your kidneys if you don't take them.

    Source(s): I've spent time on high dependency repiratory and cardiology wards.
    • Thank you so much for understanding and giving clear advice and knowledge. I’ve taken the antibiotics - so now I just wait for the cardiologist appointment. Thank you so incredibly much.

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