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No peace this with from my own problem to my mom thinking it was for her. Why would she feel that? Does it look as if she wants another kid?

Does it seem she wants another kid?

Conversation my mom, she brought up my friend. Shes with a older guy yet when I was with an older guy how she judged me. I started to talk with my mom about how my friend said when your passed 40 how your at high risk of having a kid with down syndrome. My mom stop me right away that she didn’t want to hear about it. She said I hate when people repeat but yet we always repeat things. Mom is 44 i’m 20, two younger sisters 10 & 7, not long ago I found on the computer chance of getting pregnant at 44 etc.I freaked cause I’m a nanny to my siblings & it’s been a lot on me I had to move back home to help. She said she doesn’t want more kids but they don’t use protection.

Now my mom told me she felt like I was rubbing it in her face about when your passed 40 risk having a kid. I told her how is that rubbing it in her face if I was saying if I wanted kids with someone in their 40s taking that chance for me, thats for someone that wants kids how am I rubbing that in your face for you? She said “I don’t even do anything, I’m worry about myself right now. That time you went on the computer thought I wanted more kids you know when you press something on the computer and it takes you to other things. You thought I want more kids you keep rubbing it in, coming from a whole whack job place. Don’t need someone controlling”. told her it wasn’t for her, she became nice & I’m left bothered she keeps making up excuses gets away from me not to talk about now

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    Have you considered just ASKING her straight up? ASK her if she's considering having another child.

    And by the way, the Down Syndrome problem affects women having children when THEY'RE over 40, not when the man is over 40. There is no additional risk of Down Syndrome if the man is over 40.

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      to get busy. I’m getting more and more confused! She’s the one that brought this up then afterwards keeps being all sweet

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