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How come people could get and die from AIDS in the 80s and 90s but now now?

In the 80s, to my understanding, you could get AIDS, right off the bat, no HIV first and die in like a year, but now the people at std clinics say “you can’t get AIDS anymore, you have to have HIV first” this makes no sense to me, how did AIDS just disappear? Can people still get AIDS without first having hiv?

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    In the 80’s, nothing was known about AIDS..what it was, what caused it, how it caused illness in the body in the early cases. Those getting sick had no idea they were deathly ill until full blown AIDS because early symptoms of hiv infection are often mild and pass quickly with no illness until years later when it is Aids and no longer hiv. It took many years of research before doctors figured out it was an immune system destroyer and then more years to find drugs to keep the sick from dying. Aids hasn’t disappeared, it’s just no longer necessarily a death sentence if meds are taken. It becomes a chronic disease like diabetes..manageable with meds. They still have the virus though.

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    There are drugs which suppress the virus. Do your research

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    People always got HIV and then AIDS, but in the last 20-30 years medical advances have made it so treatment will hold it in the HIV stage . Not curable yet, but it can be controlled

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