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Did i do anything wrong in this situation?

I was on instagram a week ago and this random girl found my account through mutual friends and followed me. I added her back just to have more followers. But she then dm'd me and just hey. I asked her why did she follow me? And she just said "becuase"...So i asked her to "elaborate" and "use her big girl voice" and she then told me "Because I prolly like you"...i then asked her age and she said 15 so since im 18 i told her that I couldn't like her like that. Then she rebuddled it and said "as a friend"...I tried to nice and not be rude to push her away. But i felt like it was dangerous to talk to someone i dont even know. So when i didnt talk to her, she would say that I'm mean and a jerk, but I didn't care..eventually a week later i told her that i deleted my account, but I actually decided to block her bc it was, to me a dangerous situation. Did I do anything wrong? Am i a creep?

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    It's not dangerous to have a friend of 15 at your age..... it's inappropriate and possibly damaging to engage in sex chat, though.

    That is all.

  • Alan H
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    12 months ago

    Just break off the contact. She will get over it

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    You're a jerk and childish asking her why she followed you, what did you expect her to say? When you're on instagram you have to accept that all sorts of people may follow you, including children. You made it inappropriate by talking to her. By blocking her you have overreacted and you still haven't fixed the damage on your part which was following her back and messaging her. You need to grow the hell up.

  • 12 months ago

    You are smart. Did the right thing.

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