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I'm a Russian and Farsi speaker and I want to use my skills with these languages to ensure the national security of the US. What should I do?

I am honestly lost on what I could do with my abilities of these languages. I need a purpose in life. I'm not asking you guys to decide my fate or to do research for me, I just want ideas to think about and contemplate on while I go through college and university.

I learned Farsi much later in life and am not a native in the language, however, I have an excellent command over these two languages, and very few of my fellow Americans could rival me with these two languages. Infact, I doubt the vast majority of Americans even know Russian or Farsi, and I doubt most Americans even know what Farsi is.

I love my country the US and I genuinely want my countrymen to be safe, and if there's anyway I can do this, I would like some ideas, if you guys have any.

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    The federal government can use foreign language speakers in a variety of jobs in the State Dept., in homeland security and in civilian military jobs. The FBI is also a possibility. If you were born outside of the U.S., there might be certain jobs that are closed to you, but I live in the D.C. area and there are many foreign-born people here who work for the federal government in one capacity or another.

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      Being foreign born is irrelevant. If you are a US citizen, you are able to obtain a security clearance. If you are foreign born, the only job that is "closed" to you is President of the United States.

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