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Hey_Irish asked in TravelOther - Destinations · 10 months ago

What sort of job involves travelling?

A critic, writer, artist, photographer?. My difficulty is that i so badly want to see other countries, but i have nobody to come with me, i am going to Canada for a year or so to my pals, but i am really a European guy at heart and i have never been to Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, you name it. I have been to Greece once, Switzerland twice, Spain probably 10 times, Belgium, Luxembourg, France 4 times, England and Scotland once. I want to see other parts of Spain though, and France and go to Austria and Germany and Italy, i love medieval towns and cities and i am a chef so i love food and i am really big on nature so mountains, lakes, trees, wildlife and all that. If i could find a job that could involve travelling then i would do it in a heartbeat man.

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    Airline flight crews, military, photo or print journalist, nature photographer. The people that do the most travel in the company I worked for were supplier management people - particularly auditors. With globalization, a lot of supplied parts, materials and subassemblies come from far flung places around the world. Some of the people I used to work with traveled to Germany, China, France, Mexico, the US, Korea, the Czech Republic and other places around the world frequently. One of the most in demand fields anywhere would be healthcare - it's the one area where you would be most likely to be able to land a job in a foreign country if you're interested in that. In that case, your job may not directly require travel, but you may be in a position to go out exploring on your own on weekends and holidays. I lived in Italy for the last 13 years before retiring and had the chance to visit most of Europe during that time.

    You need to be aware that traveling for a job is not the same as travel on a vacation; it can be a great opportunity and rewarding. It can also be a lot of wear and tear - you really have to have the right personality to be on the road a lot and you don't necessarily get a chance to spend any time sightseeing. You could also consider foreign service (i.e., diplomatic corps) or the volunteering with the Peace Corps.

  • bubba
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    10 months ago

    A pilot , a bus driver , or a drug smuggler are all good jobs that involve traveling

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