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How to learn how to read ukulele sheet music?

I'm a former violinist, so I already know how to read treble clef (I know the note names and all that if I see them), but how do I apply that to the ukulele?


I already know how to read tabs. I want to learn how to read sheet music, not tabs.

Update 2:

I want to learn sheet music because that will enable me to play songs that don't have tablature.

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    Here is a link to a chart of all the notes on the ukulele neck:

    As you know from playing violin, the same notes can be played at several places on the fingerboard/fretboard. It will be your choice where to play those notes. Because of the re-entrant tuning of the G string, it probably makes sense to ignore it at first when reading single notes. Just remember, the open G string is the same pitch as the 3rd fret of the E string.

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