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For Christmas this year I would like to get to see some of my mother's extended family. How might I go about this so they don't decline?

They don't ask me to their celebration for Christmas years they have one because of my mother (I am cursed). Yet when they do see me they are pleasant. I have bad Christmas memories in childhood because of my mother making me estranged from a grandparent, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It is years later and the grandparent my Mom was mean to has died so there is not a big family gathering every year anymore. However, I'd like to see them to make up for the pain my Mom caused them and caused me by making me miss out. My Mom and I would see her mother but that was all. She would not see her father or his 2nd wife or any of her siblings (siblings were half-sibs through her father). As a result I have always been a distant relative, kind of 2nd class in their eyes.


Christmas is a really hard time of year for me even now as an adult cause of all this.

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    Don't be so set on doing this at Xmas.

    Do it any month.

    Talk to them, make friends with them.

    Visit them whenever you're invited.

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    Don't go places that you are not invited. Reach out to them during the year, like now. Maybe they will invite you and maybe not. Don't set your heart on it. Find another family. Visit some churches until you find one you like. My Baptist church is like a family to me.

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