Is there something about these types being perverts?

When I am out a cute young guy is respectful and gracious and it seems like the OLDER MEN like mid life and beyond as well as African American and some young Latins are very disrespectful and glare. I think old men and African Americans like thick blondes or curvy blondes, is that my problem? or they are just lower class than the young nice guys who respect and don't glare and say "nasty, gross " and such. I am clean. I am five foot five, 120 pounds but I am curvy. I diet, exercise and do everything and even darken my natural blonde hair for a while and nothing works and I figured why should I change because of their stupidity. I am not even looking at them and certain types of men are glaring and harassing me. I don't sleep around, I do nothing but study hard, sleep and work. My looks may be deceiving but why can't they just leave me alone I am not flirting or anything. And I do wear leggings and tee shirts and short shorts with tights but there are countless of females all shapes, ages and sizes wearing really short shorts with no tights on, leggings, tight shirts with big bellies and I am small and covered. I don't get the unwanted attention I get. I was told to ignore so now I am like a robot, not even glancing at their stares and inappropriate remarks and a couple kept repeating themselves and almost walked into me cause I am looking straight ahead with a blank look to ignore it


I don't want to snap and take out a knife because of low life pervs and what is up with OLD men. I hope they don't think I am older than I am and the blacks. yikes, sorry but what is with these bullies who probably mad cause their pee pee gets hard

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Sigh, another dumb blond who doesn't understand Latina is located in Europe.

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