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Anonymous asked in SportsVolleyball · 9 months ago

i'm a sophomore and i got cut from the jv volleyball team when i was better than half the people who made it. ik i'm being cocky but srsly?

i've been playing club for two years when most of the players who made jv only played one year or just did clinics. i asked the coaches what i could improve on and i found out that other cut players also recieved the same email. there were three freshman who made the team and all of them are 5'0" no joke. one of them even talked trash behind a freshman-varsity player's back. my club teammates made the team and my skills are definetly more proficent than theirs. my club coaches, jv team players, my friends, and my parents were all surprised that i got cut. and the truth is i still don't know why. the coach said "ball control, specifically passing and defense" which is kind of bull because half the jv players can't pass. i'm really mad and confused. this has rly plummeted my self-esteem and ik i can tryout again next year but really? the coach took people who don't even have the most basic skills like serving, passing and hitting. they weren't even tall. i'm just confused. ik im being a sore lose rn but no one can think of a legit excuse as to why i got cut. i made sure to not be overconfident, kept my hopes down, gave no reason for the coach not to like me, but when i found out who made it i was enraged. i'm def continuing volleyball (club) but why do i feel terrible???

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  • DIEGO.
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    good question!!

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  • 9 months ago

    It's a tough call. Getting cut is never easy. Unfortunately the coaches saw something in the other players that made it and you didn't have it.

    Maybe you have some better 'skills'. But maybe you made some mistakes when the coaches were watching and then excelled and made some great plays when they were not.

    Also someones being cocky can be a down fall. Because sometimes you think you may be better than you are. And you tend to exude unsportsmanship like conduct. Talking trash about those you think who suck, or shouldn't be on the team, not calling the ball or plays when you are able, thinking you have the ball when you don't. Going after everything when you shouldn't. Lack of motivation or team spirit due to thinking you are better than some.

    I am not saying this is what caused the issues. But it is a potential reason. If you have heart, show team work, camaraderie and can call the team plays (in in in, out out out, I got it, I go, long, short, block, tip dump etc) you are more of an asset even if you can't bump or set or pass or spike all the time. Sometimes having the right demeanor for the game as well. If the coaches think you are going to be drama for the team, they might pass on you.

    All I can say is to talk to the coach. Ask if you can sit practice with the team on occasion. To get better. And sit on the bench and watch the team so you can learn. And then try to again next year. There's not much else you can do. Unless you can ask the coaches for a second chance and to try again.

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  • 9 months ago

    It might not be your skill level. Sometimes players who lack skill have more connections and can make the cut that way. It's unfair, yes, but at least that means you're not a bad player!

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  • 9 months ago

    Getting on the team requires money under the table. You didn't pay enough

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