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im kind of heart broken,ive been training for a year at a jujitsu school,and im suspecting it might be a mcdojo?

my main concern is how short it is to get belt promotions, i disagree with "points" just by attending classes, the mainly, they are testing us evrey 90 days,thats only 3 months....instead of a year or so,and there try to test as many as they can if they feel were ready.the insruction seems realsitic and for the street,but im worried about the belts being promoted so soon.should i switch schools? does it sound like i attend a mcdojo?

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    I can see it may be possible for the first belt (yellow) to be tested in 3 months - it's a stretch, but it's not unreasonable. However, 90 days for each subsequent ranks means you are in a McDojo.

    If you believe your school is a McDojo, what is the point of staying? If you run smack into a brick wall, why do it again? Doesn't common sense tell you to turn around and go a different direction?

    A martial artist is not some unthinking robot. You go to a school to learn, but that does not mean you stop thinking for yourself.

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      good answer; also, depends how many colour blt ranks, eg, if eight colour ranks is different than with six ranks,& does Everyone test for rank each time, or only some, especially re 2k,1k,1d,2d,etc, with diligent rigourous Authentic Study(eg Authentic 4k may be ~same skill as nonauthentic 1d or 2d!)

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