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patty asked in PetsBirds · 11 months ago

whats an easy way for me to get my budgie on my hand?

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  • 10 months ago

    try holding millet spray

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  • Dale-E
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    11 months ago

    You will have to work out a regular schedule that fits with your at home life to spend regular focused time with your budgie. Figure on at least 15 minutes of focused interaction. But here is the kicker: You need to take its food away when you leave for work or school, or when you get up for the day. Then after a time and it has gotten hungry, wet an index finger, folding all others in that hand into a fist, so that only the wetted finger sticks out. Dob it into fresh seed and place your loaded finger tip close by being patient, not making a move. It will stare at it and begin to smell the seed. Hardly moving a muscle, let it choose to eat off of your finger. If it does not seem to be paying attention to your finger, move it half an inch closer. And in a another minute half inch closer. If it appears to be gitting allarmed, stop advancing and begin to wait it out.

    Then if it is a bust, a no-go, try again in an hour, with the same exact offerings. You may have to take a fresg stab at it the next day. So, when you decide you are done working with your young friend for the day, let it have its food back, promptly.

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