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Are BIG OIL'S days numbered?

Tesla is making some hellaciously fine vehicles, their own batteries, their own supercharger network, self drive technology...OMG the TIDAL WAVE is coming for BIG OIL!

The leftists must be so happy.


Ironically...CAPITALISM is making this all happen.

Update 2:

Tesla makes SOLAR CELLS and BATTERY PACKS!! (no grid needed)

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    Oil companies are not the only ones worried about Tesla, other car manufacturers are as well. Only some of them just starting to make electric vehicles with the range similar to what people have been looking for. With battery packs costing less than 100 dollars per kWh it makes sense to switch to electric cars although most of us don't need a 200 mile + range on a day to day (On average Americans drive 260 miles a week)

    The claim that the US grid can not support the widespread use of electric cars is nonsense, I would charge my car at night when rates are lower. There are far bigger problems for the grid.

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    Road Vehicle transport is just one application of crude oil. Ships and aviation sector also use fractions of crude oil. Crude oil is also used to make other valuable chemicals like aromatics, cyclic alkanes, kerosene, asphalt, hydrocarbon solvents, LPG cylinders for cooking food, lubricants,wax,tar, coke olefins like ethylene and propylene which are further used to make oxides and polymers, etc

    46% from a barrel of crude oil in USA is used as gasoline in vehicles. Rest is used for other applications.

    The population and so demand for crude oil is also too much for applications other than gasoline in the world.

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    Tesla is probably the biggest subsidized car company.

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    So electric cars will get rid of BIG OIL? I guess so. Now big oil will have to depend on plastic, fertilizer, lubricants, medicines and all the other hundred of thinks they produce.

    Yup. When we all have electric cars big oil will lose less than 1% of its money each years. How will they ever survive on all the other billions of $ they make?

    And don't worry. BIG COAL will make a fortune selling all the extra coal to burn all the electric we will need for our electric cars. It's gonna be a paradise.

  • abdul
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    12 months ago

    Everybody should be happy about that. Once they become affordable, they can go a long ways to cutting CO2 emissions that could curtail the greenhouse effect.

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    12 months ago

    Well...yes, regardless.

    (Everything's days are numbered.)

    However: it can "hang on" for decades longer


    we switch to solar-power for cars.

    Large vehicles such as semis and constructions vehicles will probably still require petroleum-based fuel

    because it provides so much more power than solar and those vehicles need that power.

    Cars in polar regions will still require petroleum-based fuel

    because for several months of the year there are very few hours of sunlight

    SO: you won't get rid of "big oil" by making solar cars.

    In fact: you'll extend its lifetime since oil reserves will last much longer.

    But: oil will not be as "big" when we switch to mostly solar cars. It WILL still be big, but not as big.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    You know the current electrical grid in the USA couldn't support widespread use of electric cars

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