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Out of curiousity, How much was your refubd check after financial Aid?

So I am planning on going to Community college in my state, and was curious of how much my refund check could possibly be (If I am eligible of course). I would like to invest in a car, or down payment on rent.

Is this possible?

How much was your refund check?


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  • di
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    11 months ago

    You MIGHT get a refund check - it would depend upon the COST of your classes and the AMOUNT of aid you qualify for. If you stick to just "gift" aid - State & Federal grants and scholarships, you might have - after tuition & fees, book & supplies - funds left for rent or food. If you borrow the maximum student loan you qualify for, you would get a larger refund which, again, would be used on rent & food - but NOT A CAR. The use of ANY student financial aid funds to purchase a car is prohibited - you can fix a car you already have, though.

    In the long run, the less you borrow while in school the better off you will be - get a part-time job!

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  • 11 months ago

    That is a fantastic idea to entitlement get a refund on how much money you get on financial aid, you could end up being a Canadian or comedian people could die laughing.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Did you read this, or did someone tell you this? There is no such a thing as a refund check after financial aide. They can give you more than is required by the school for room and board, food, etc. But you will have to pay it back. If thats the case you would have applied for it on your financial aide application. The only other thing that is similar to a refund is called a stipend which the state hands out for taking certain classes (doctors get them frequently)

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