Who's the DC Comics version of the Watcher Informant.?

I'm working on a DC project and I want Adam West to play a part in it (R.I.P), and I wanna know if DC Comics has a version of the Watcher Informant, that Stan Lee played in the MCU? Or a character who appears here and there in the comics?

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  • 11 months ago


    1. In neither Marvel nor DC comics is there such a character. It has only ever been done by Stan Lee in the MCU.

    2. DC doesn't have anything like the Watchers.

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    11 months ago

    I've never noticed any such character in DC movies and TV series.

    (The Marvel character was very noticeable, though, though not identified as "the Watcher Informant" and not really portrayed in that way until relatively late in the movies. In other words, the concept of "the Watcher Informant" was not devised when he began appearing in these movies - for many years - and is not the original reason Lee was appearing in them and was not originally a concept used to explain him appearing in them. The concept was an afterthought.)

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