I am a hipster, I like anything that isn't mainstream. does that make me cooler and superior to mainstream normies?

Update: yea, pop music, Kanye West, drake, cardi b, Taylor swift, they are all for loser normies.

I am too cool for that stuff. I like abstract things that generic normies would never understand LOL

that makes me special too haha
Update 2: I also like the coolest non-conventional art.

I dress really avant-garde and have a style that is unique and better than people who follow boring mainstream trends

Update 3: jiraiya

you really don't understand sarcasm..

I guess that really does make you a normie LOLĀ 
Update 4: @cogito.

I guess sarcasm wasn't in your vocabulary

I was making fun of hipsters LOLĀ 
Update 5: @cogito

the whole irony of my question is that hipsters would never admit that they are like this haha
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