How do setllements start and then develop over time?


I am playing Minecraft and decided i want to start a realistic civilization. I understand cities usually do not simply spring up overnight. I understand that it likely starts out because of some resource that is discovered there or it is in a strategic position either for defense or trade. I understand that if it was a mountainous region it would likely contain mines and industries that service the mines. If it was in a plain it would be farming and related industries.

Update 2:

If i was in a forest i would likely begin as with a lumber hut. Then I would add a toolmaker to make axes. This would be followed by a chicken coop for food and pehaps a barms for cows or pigs. By this time I would likely need a warehouse and perhaps a pallisade with watch towers to keep out enemies. I might want to scout out a days worth of travel in each direction and build a house there. if there is space at the subsequent location build farms there.

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    someone sets up a tent, then somenoe like it and sets one up next to him, then they build a shack and other people come and build shacks, someone opens a shack store and it takes off from there

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