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Paranormal Activity: could this have been my fathers spirit?

Last month I was eating behind the computer and suddenly felt a cold breeze on my forehead like someone was blowing into my face, I looked up and the chilly air stopped, then I started eating and looking at the computer screen I felt again another cold breeze on my forehead but the strange thing is all doors and windows were closed so it couldnt have been air from outside. What makes me the most suspicious is that my dad often loved to tease me with blowing into my face sometimes, he loved it cause he knew it annoyed me. Also that same night when I laid in bed to fall asleep the radio went off suddenly by itself with loud music, I freaked out, almost got a heart attack and quickly pulled the cord out. It wasnt the alarm cause I didnt set him on but it was music from the radio itself, I find it very strange and creepy cause this has never happened before. Could this have been my fathers spirit teasing me? He died shortly before this all happened, things like this has never happened before.

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  • 11 months ago

    It may possibly be as I have had something similar happen to me but you have an awful lot to dismiss before you think paranormal. Cold air from someone closing a door does not hit you immediately. It can take seconds for the lightest breeze to reach you after something moved and you will feel the cold more if you were sweating on your brow.

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  • Gary K
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    11 months ago

    Highly doubtful. You'd think that if spirits exist, by 2019 we'd have found some real evidence for them and science would have a good working theory for the phenomenon. But alas, after centuries of investigation, there's nothing.

    What we do know, however, is that people are superstitious and prone to cognitive biases.

  • No, even if there were such things as spirits to blow on people and turn radios on you need working lungs and fingers and ghosts are lacking in both these areas. And don't you think if dead people could contact you they'd find a way that was a bit more meaningful than playing irritating little pranks?

    Air moves around inside even with the doors shut and electrical stuff malfunctions, so why would you choose the least likely explanation?

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    It can be whatever you want to believe in.

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