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Can this type of friendship work?

I am a 30 year old woman from India, who is lawyer, and I have been in the country for 5 years. Over the years I adapted to American culture and made many great friends, but dating is still very hard. I am very tall and full figured at 6'7 300 pounds, and I still have an accent. I would ask out men and get rejected.

I met this guy who lives in the neighboring apartment, whose 23 and works as a bartender and fitness instructor. He moved here from Italy and we developed a friendship being international and adapting to American culture. I give him life advice and am his older mentor he goes to about his problems. He is a VERY handsome man 6'2 220 pounds all muscle.

After 6 months knowing him I admitted that I was attracted to him and asked if wanted to have sex. He said that I was not his type and he wasn't into women taller than him. I told him that I respected his boundaries and his preferences. I told him about my struggles dating, and he offered to help me with dating and Introduce me to other men.

We still hangout as normal friends, and know each-others friends now. He respects the fact I have sexual feelings for him, and is ok with me touching myself when looking at his photos. I respect the fact he isnt sexually attracted to me. He constantly has women throwing themselves at him and sleeps with 2-3 new ones a week. I still struggle with men, but he is actively helping me. Even though there is one sided attraction, we still support each-other and have mutual friends.

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    Try internet dating services. Good luck.

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    You'll find your true love. Just wait. Believe.

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