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Fellow smokers, why do you continue to smoke cigs?

They are addictive carcinogens created by genocidal terrorists that receive their funds, and then some, from us, their victims.

I'm just wondering...

I can't seem to quit. I was in jail for 6 months. Then I get out, and smoke one within 10 or so minutes. Then I got to a paycheck ward for 187 or so day (and smoked 2 cigs while there). Then, I go to a group home, and continue....

Even when I do cardio, I smoke quite a bit more than usual....just to bring my cardio back down to where it was.

Why, fellow smokers, do we just destroy our health? It doesn't even give us a buzz or anything.

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    i enjoy smoking but not cigs tbh. i started when i was 15 i am now 26 turning 27 soon. i actually quit for 2 straight years cold turkey and that was back when i was 18/19 years old. i smoke because im extremely stressed out. the field i work is high stress either you drink or you smoke or you do both. i rarely meet anyone who doesn't do one or the other. i've actually met 1 guy who ate his stress away.

    i plan to quit smoking though i actually made a promise to myself that if my mom were to beat her leukemia that i'd quit smoking ( just a silly little promise tbh i guess you can say to encourage myself ) she had breast cancer before that. sadly she passed away from it but im still planning to quit. i gave myself until next year so Jan 1st to quit. im honestly tired of smoking hate the cravings, hate the taste, hate the smell, hate wasting money killing myself im just fking done with it.

    it's not easy to quit in general either people who don't smoke always thinks it's easy as just putting it down but it's not. i still work in a high stress field as well

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    Because I enjoy it and I can. I am about the same age as you and started when I was 14 and been smoking ever since. I work in construction so am outside and can smoke at work. I am not on any other drugs but I enjoy smoking too much to quit.

    I was in jail too and couldn't smoke in there and the same the first thing I did when I got out was to buy a pack and smoked a few straight off. I used to really long for a cigarette when I could smell it off some of the Corrections Officers if they had been smoking.

    I know I should quit and will some day but not yet

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    The anything it provides smokers is addiction. Some would suggest nicotine is the substance, but I'm not sure if the ritual of smoking might be what has us smokers hooked.

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    I quit about 10 years ago. Smoked about 5 years............mainly started because I thought women with that particular bad habit looked sexy as f**k. STILL am very attracted to women smokers even after quitting. It's just one of those odd attractions like everyone has. Like some gals liking guys with tattoos, or guys who like women with glasses.

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    Because I enjoy it. Been doing it for 60 years and the doctor said my lungs are "perfectly clear".

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    *psychiatric ward, not "paycheck"

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