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Savannah asked in PetsReptiles · 10 months ago

Do I need a bowl large enough for a hognose to soak in if I have a humidity box?

Quite simply, I need to know if they need a bowl they can soak in to shed if they have a humidity box anyways. I don t want to buy more products than needed and I have a bowl already that could be used in place of a dish, but it isn t very big so the snake can t soak. If I have a humidity box, will that be good enough for a hognose to shed or do I need to have the dish as well? Also, as a bonus, if anyone knows any good ways to shine a light into a plastic bin that would be helpful- otherwise I will just use a mostly clear plastic with some holes to shine it in, since you need to cut holes anyways. I m using a heating pad so a heating lamp won t be used.

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  • 10 months ago
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    You don’t have to have a bowl bit enough for them to soak but it wouldn’t hurt. You could always buy one later it’s not like they are very expensive maybe $5 for a bowl.

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    • joeparker67
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      10 months agoReport

      Well it can be any bowl doesn’t have to be fancy just hold water. A small rubber maid sandwich container would work as long as the snake can get to the water and get out

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