Why does my 3d print come out very flaky?

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  • 12 months ago
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    Most of these problems are from oozing, from not enough retraction and/or printing at too high of a temp. 260-270c is kinda high for eSun PETG, I print it at 240-250c with 1.8mm retraction on my e3d depending on if I have active cooling on the print or not.

  • 12 months ago

    because you could be using a bad quality. look into the quality and sometimes u need to go over the print twice to improve it

  • David
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    12 months ago

    You would get a better answers by going to a dedicated 3d printing forum such as this


  • 12 months ago

    Do you print with filament or powder or liquid resin medium? What size object? Need details for some way to guess.

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