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Newly Grad CNA starting job in hospital?

Hi I’m a newly grad CNA that will start working in the orthopedics department as a CNA. I would appreciate for those with experience in that department as a CNA to enlighten me what it’s like day to day. Preferably night shift 6:00pm - 6:30am.

Thank you so much.

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    11 months ago

    You do vitals, answer call lights, give bedpans and urinals, clean bedpans,

    measure empty catheters, walk patients to and from the toilet, turn patients, clean soiled linens. Document. Pass out snacks do bolus feedings, empty and change colostomy bags if any. Do weights in the 6am hour, empty catheters.

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  • :)
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    11 months ago

    I’m not a CNA, but I’m a student nurse, which basically forces me to serve as a hybrid between a CNA and an RN. I did an externship, and now that it’s done, I’ll be transitioning into the nursing assistant role within the next couple of months, until I get my BSN. I did a rotation on an orthopedic floor. So I’ll try my best to answer this!

    CNAS/PCTs, no matter what floor, always does vitals. It’ll probably be the first thing you do upon arrival. You’ll need to figure out whose vitals are Q8 vs Q30, and etc. I would imagine that’s a floor where Is and Os might not be super dire, but you’ll probably do them on many of your patients. You’ll do lots of help with ambulation, being that it’s an orthopedic floor. Many of your patients will also be immobile; turning, bathing, changing, and maybe even feeding becomes an essential task for you. Other than that, you’ll be charting and communicating with your RN a lot.

    Oh, and don’t ever let a nurse talk down on you! Your role is important.

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