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How do you even begin to write a poem about a character in a book?

It s for my summer reading, i have to write a poem of any type about the character Beneatha Younger from the play A Raisin in the Sun, and I do not even know where to start.

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    You begin by reading the book more than once, until you really understand the character and what makes her tick. There's no point in putting pen to paper until you know who she was and why she did the things she did.

    Once you have a good grip on the essence of the character, you'll find it much easier to write your poem.

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    Write your poem from Beneatha's point of view, as if you are that charecter. If Beneatha were writing this poem, what might she have to say? What would it be about? This is called a "persona" poem.

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    just do do you you think of every word before you start the sentence.something good will be n something bad. keep what you need

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    Use imagination to try to feel the characters personality. Then write a list of descriptive words about them, and start with that.

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    Just brainstorm facts about the character for starters. Then divide them in to paragraphs. Then in to verses. You're stressing too much. Just do it.

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    Just talk about how the raisin dries out in the sun and don't forget to mention the flies laying their eggs in it, and stufff, and you could even sneak in a warning or two about the importance of keeping the said raisin in an airtight container or perhaps it's best if you just eat the damn thing and don't leave it lying around in the sun. Hope this helped.

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    Try writing a clerihew.

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      I doubt anybody who can't write a simple poem knows what a "clerihew" is. I didn't, before I looked it up.

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