Will 7.62x39 feed from a 5.56 magazine?

Please read my details.
I have a WASR 10 with single stack magazine.
I realize the dremel work.
I have ordered a Zastava PAP M90NP 5.56 adapter to fire 5.56x45.
I want to fire 7.62x39 with an AR magazine.
Update: Will there be a problem? I had an AR chambered for 7.62 and some magazines for 5.56 worked. I have an AR 7.62 magazine somewhere but cannot find it right now. The 7.62x39 and 5.56 appeared to have the same outside dimensions but wondering if someone has done this conversion.
Update 2: If you are wondering why I want this combination, please ask.
Update 3: I want this combination because the WASR receiver has no dimple in the receiver to take up side play in the magazine. I am afraid it will wobble. The AR has really good support and I just like the overall appearance better.
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