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Why do people say you're feminine if you cook for yourself as a man?

I mean, I live alone at 27. I cannot cook a wide variety of things but I survive and It helps cut down my expenses so that I don't have to be buying lunch everyday. Buying lunch is expensive where I'm from. I cook once a week and put the food in bowls and freeze them. My coworkers are like, "You need to find a wife, you'll get some nice food cooked for you." To be honest, I'm not worried about food. I can survive.

If I'm dating someone and they realize that I cook, they will always at some point in time ask me something like, "So you cooked lunch for me today?" Or something like that. It's as if you're not a full man if you are cooking food. And while I would never be in a serious relationship with a woman who can't cook, that is not a prime reason for me getting in a serious relationship. My prime reason for being in a serious relationship is because I can vibe with the person and also they add some form of value to my life rather than take away from it. So is there something wrong with the way I do things?

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  • Ricky
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    12 months ago
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    Don't listen to them bro. You do what you need to do to survive. S hit if I was living by myself I would do anything to save money.

  • 12 months ago

    **** dude where do u live?No one gonna say that ...we have more(male) chefs than females

  • 12 months ago

    I was always told women like a man who can cook for himself

  • Pope
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    12 months ago

    Your co-workers are *****.

    I ******* love to cook.

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  • 12 months ago

    Nothing feminine about cooking at all. Those types of comments you are receiving are probably from inadequate mommas boys who are now married. They are just jealous as hell of your cooking skills and your single status. Pay them no heed. I am female and just about every guy I ever dated had some basic coking skills. I learned some of their recipes and they.noted some of mine. It's all about survival and independence. Not every guy gets married and not all females are wonderful cooks anyway. All my brothers can cook, and I admit some better than me too. My son cooks basic meals too. I brought him up to take care of himself and be totally independent for when I am no longer around.

  • 12 months ago

    It’s all stereotyping that cooking is a woman feminine job. Not true at all!

  • 12 months ago

    Well, what is a single guy supposed to do? Lol...

    Eating fast food not only adds up financially but it also adds up on the waist.

    I've actually heard married women praise their husband's ability to cook, and that would not be derived without practice.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    I cook a verity of different foods. I am not a professional chef, but what I cook is still good to eat.

    Actually it's men who dominate the culinary industry. In other words men cook, and clean.

    Frankly women are not as good as men in the culinary industry, and men definitely dominate in other industries such as the I.T. industry etc.

    Depending on what you buy then you might have to freeze your food. Whenever you want to eat it, then you can remove an item from a freezer then put it a fridge, for about 1, or 2 days then you can cook it. After you cook a meal, don't refreeze it. Put it back in the fridge, and then you can eat it the next day, or 2, or 3 days after you cook it.

    I am a single male, and I like to learn new things. I am not relying on a woman to cook, for me.

  • Alan H
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    12 months ago

    I have never known anyone say that.

    I enjoy cooking....Western, Chinese, Indian,etc.

  • 12 months ago

    People don't say that. Maybe a person does, but not people. If you're hearing people say it you're traveling with the wrong crowd.

    In fact I pretty much did all the cooking in my family and my wife did all the cleaning up afterwards. I love to cook (and am good at it I think) and my wife hated it, but didn't mind cleaning up and I hated cleaning.

    We were a marriage made in the, heaven.

    I still cook, widowed and 83 yo. Last St. Pattie's Day I slow cooked corned beef and cabbage for a sit-down party of 13. And I've invented a new way to cook fast nutritious meals. So I'll cook meat and veggies several times a week for dinner.

    As to my macho persona, I'm not worried about that as I once flew on and off aircraft carriers and earned the Bronze Star in Vietnam. That's enough macho for anyone I would think.

  • 12 months ago

    Try to remember many of the world's best chefs(cooks) are men.

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