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Is ok for a guy to leave this comment on a girl Instagram photo. Nice abs Kate you must work out a lot very fit?

She has BF who is not on IG but I know the girl since childhood she 25 I'm 26 I do find her attractive but she always likes my FB comments mostly call her beautiful super and gorgeous she likes them all comments saying thanks with a smile face.


She seems to genuinely get happy when she sees me in person when I'm out walking to places she waves me when she drives past I'm not looking take her from BF just wanted to know was this comment appropriate.

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    5 months ago
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    If she has posted the picture for people to look at and make comments on, then it is fine. if the BF is not happy with that, then it is between them, unless the BF wants to be childish about things. its not as if you have commented on her private parts and made sexual comments.

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  • 5 months ago

    Yes. But, BF might come along with a punch to the face, so...

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