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What can I do to figure out if my mouse has an allergy?

One of my mice keeps scratching at her ears, and we think she might be allergic to something in her food but we don’t know how to figure that out, or how to help treat her ears until we do. Everything I try to look up brings me to “humans allergic to mice” or something like that, which frankly is annoying when what I type in is “how to I treat my pet mouse’s allergy” or “what is my mouse allergic to”. We’ve already ruled out mites and lice thankfully because the others in her cage didnt have the same symptoms, and she doesnt have any signs of parasites on her. The only useful thing I could find was that some mice are allergic to peanuts, which her food does have, but I wanna know what alternatives I can feed her to figure that out, and how to clean her ears before they get infected

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    12 months ago

    You can do nothing. A vet visit would cost the equivalent of purchasing a 1000 more mice.

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