Peter Fonda, Easy Rider star dies.For that generation & younger, did such & events like Woodstock, Bath shape your view of life.In what way?


there were books that went along with it, too - such as 'The Greening of America' & 'Small is beautiful' .

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    I was a bit young. But, "Easy Rider" was touted as: "two guys who try to find the 'real America'--but, can't" The cognoscenti of the period say that :"easy rider " meant, a guy who lives off his hooker girlfriend's profits. Nothing to do with riding motorcycles.

    Saw the movie again just a few days ago, before I heard of Fonda's demise. Its still a good movie, rather dated. Fonda and Hopper Hated riding those choppers; no front brakes, very uncomfortable. They are really meant for show, not touring.

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  • You know what i find saddest about the obituary I heard on the news about him?

    They cited him as the star of Easy Rider and Escape from LA.


    Admittedly, he squandered much of his life and talent on subpar projects, but they couldn't mention Ulee's Gold for which he won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar?

    Instead they mention a crappy sequel to what is a B-Movie?

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