Really need help with the hypothesis for my essay?

First sorry for my English, I am not an English native speaker. I am writing an essay and my professor says that my research question and my hypothesis don’t match. If you see something wrong please let me know it, thanks:

Research question:

How it was evidenced in the informative agenda of the newspaper X its filiation to Communism during the problem of the mine Y (1980-1987)?


During the problem of the mine Y (1980-1987), between the Chilean State and the mining company ABC, the newspaper X assumed a Communist policy evidenced in its articles.

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    A research question is the thought that sparked your interest in an issue. Yours just restates the hypothesis. The underlying question is "What agenda shaped the articles in newspaper X during the problem of the mine Y in 1980-1987?"

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