I need help on choosing specific objectives for my essay?


First sorry for my English, I am not a native English speaker. I am writing an essay and my professor says that my general objective and my specific objectives don’t match. If you see something wrong please let me know it, thanks:

General objective:

- To analyze the role that the newspaper X fulfilled in the treatment of the articles related to the nationalization of the mine Y, as long as this treatment ratified the informative agenda of this newspaper and its Communist ideology

My specific objectives are:

- To analyze the judgments, attitudes and attributions in the article samples from the newspaper, in order to identify its position about the mining company ABC during the problem of the mine Y.

- To explain the way in which different themes and personalities are addressed during the problem in order to reveal the similarities as to the point of view of the newspaper.

- To verify in the newspaper’s informative discourse its support to the implantation of Communism in Chile, not only in the theme of the mine Y, but also on all economic subject matter.

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  • 6 months ago

    this is really complex, and your adviser is right-go speak to him to harsh this out so you can speak back and forth, and some better word choice would help as well.

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