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If I have a joint account and I open another account at the same bank. Will the person on the joint account know about my new account?

I have a joint account but I’m getting a new job and don’t want my funds monitored. So I’m curious to know if the person on my joint account will know about my new account

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    No. The new account is entirely separate from the original account.

    However, I would advise that you open the new account at a different bank. Bakns can take money from one account in your name to cover debt in another account. So, if your co-account holder clears out the joint account and goes into debt, the bank can take money from your account to cover the debt.

    Source(s): I have accouns with three separate banks.
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    No, they won’t see

  • Eva
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    4 months ago

    No they shouldn't as long as you don't have the 2 accounts linked electronically or the bank doesn't issue it's statements with all accounts on the same statement. My bank lists the statements separately but the accounts are linked electronically.

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      How do I know if the accounts are not linked electronically?

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    Not if you open it only in your name and do not connect the joint account to it

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    4 months ago

    No, your information is private.

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    Your joint account holder will not know about your 'private' account unless you tell them.

    I have joint accounts and 'sole accounts' with the same banks. My joint account holder does not see my 'sole' accounts when they log on to on-line banking.

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    all i saw was- "I have a joint"

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