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Can have a feedback for my poem?

The inner strength

Once upon a time lived a young lad;

Pure, timid and genteel like none;

In an idiosyncratic attire he was clad;

But like him there was just one.

He trodded into a place called school.... Sadly to him it wasnt all that cool.

He oogled around, all he saw was smirks and grins,

To him this caused immense distress;But why him he was utterly clueless.

He was derided and satirized

He had become an utter joke

Everyday he went home and cried

He asked himself..... To life was there any hope.

The way other kids treated him.... Made him suffer,

He felt the curse of fear and angst

He prayed and wondered how long does the torment last?

One fine day he looked deep within

In the darkness he found the light

Inside of him awoke a warrior,

Then he chose to fight for justice and do what's right, He had found his inner strength and might.

The gladiator had now been unleashed.....its about time for those demons to pay for their sins.

Now its they who cower in fear.... Now that their end is near.

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    I started writing almost 60 years ago and have been a published writer for almost 50 years. I have never liked this style that some people refer to as poetry just not my taste.

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