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Would the British Army in World War 2 use the term "After Action Report" to describe a military battle, skirmish, incident?


In the film "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" (England - August 1940), a small German landing party conducts a pre-invasion raid on a small English coastal village. The raid participants are driven back to their U-boat by Angela Landsbury & small group of Home Guard men led by retired general. If that general were to have submitted a report to his superiors about this incident, would he have called such a report an "After Action Report"? Or would the British Army have another name for such a report?

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    From what I can find online, the U.S. Army was using the term "After Action Report" (or AAR) during World War II. Not sure if your answer is sincere or facetious?

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    He would call it "A Report Regarding the Incident at..."

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